The Gypsies of Thiva live in an  appalling Ghetto underneath the highway and bordering on the train lines. There are two rivalling groups of Gypsies of different origin living in one Ghetto. The surrounding greek neighbours call them animals. They have a reputation of trafficking drugs, stealing, breaking cars, begging, etc. I met a little girl called Rim in front of the Lidl Supermarket, she was the dirtiest child i had ever met, as if she had slept underneath a car. We visited the Ghetto in the following weeks and became friends. in September I gave them prints of the photos i had made in May. It was quite moving to see what emotions that provoked, ranging from disbelief to embarrassment, but mainly screaming and clapping with joy, and so they happily posed against a wall of one of the shacks for the next photo session. These photos may be among the very few memories they will have of their childhood when they grow up. I want to give them these future memories.