if we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.
— Maria Edgeworth

Time is the greatest creative force, -without time, nothing would grow. Time, Kronos, ist the father of Zeus and the mother of rhythm. Time is also a destructive force, in life, we are created in order to create and we destroy and are finally destroyed. Photography stops time the way our eyes cannot and this is one of its creative elements. Sometimes it opens a window looking beyond time, by taking just one instant of a moment like entering an other dimension.

 Light is the other great creative force. Without light, life has a hard time. As all things alive strive towards the light, so to the photographic eye, light makes an image come alive and may defy the expectation that the light comes from without, merging outer and inner reality. The ever changing light connects us to the sun. Watch the shadows in the evening crawl up a hill or the light in the morning move over a field. Each ray of light is connected to the wandering planets. Over time photos become the wizards of our memory.

time does not pass, it is we who are passing