What Time is it in Oia?

It is always between twenty past eleven and twenty to twelve in Oia. The rusty clock is not working and yet it's hands move. How does this happen? Is it the power of the island winds, howling and slamming their way through the narrow foot path of the crammed, celebrated settlement, thereby inadvertently moving the hands of the clock? 

Today i saw a bird sit on the big hand of the cock, and through the teeny-weeny weight of the bird, the hand of the clock slipped down from twenty to twelve to half past eleven. It was just a small bird, a sparrow or a swallow, creating the drop-down movement. The bird must have perceived the clock hand to be a kind of twig and attempted to perch on it, thereby getting a ride of 10 minutes back in time. 

But how does the hand of the clock climb back against gravity to its precarious equilibrium? I just cannot think of anything else than Voreas and Meltemi, the north winds, lifting the hand to twenty to twelve, when they storm past the clock tower and Notis and Garbis, the south winds, giving a hand to the clock hand rising back up to that delicate tipping point at twenty past eleven. But I am guessing, maybe I should just sit here until I know better, because there might be a surprise, as with the tiny bird's visit, and who would want to miss such a tender surprise?